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Augmented Reality in the military

Augmented Reality (AR) can be utilized to support soldiers in various fields. One of the key applications is enabling soldiers to have a better understanding of the battlefield situation. By overlaying additional sensors and information in their field of view, soldiers can gain better situational awareness, identify threats and enemies, and make more accurate decisions.

Another example of AR application is soldier training. With AR, soldiers can simulate various virtual scenarios that allow them to better understand how to operate in challenging situations. AR can also be used for tactical training simulations, where soldiers have the opportunity to engage in virtual combat and enhance their skills.

Another application is improving communication between soldiers and commanders. AR glasses enable fast exchange of information and instructions between soldiers and command. This allows for better coordination of actions in challenging conditions.

Augmented Reality can also assist in protecting the health and lives of soldiers. It can be used for monitoring soldiers' health, identifying injuries, and enabling faster response in crisis situations.

Lastly, AR can be utilized to enhance the quality of soldiers' lives beyond the battlefield. AR glasses can facilitate better utilization of various devices, such as vehicles or even drones, contributing to increased effectiveness and efficiency in off-field operations.

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Remote assistance

AR soldier support involves an operator receiving remote assistance from an expert who can access live video footage from a helmet-mounted camera, providing guidance and expertise in real-time. The expert can offer valuable insights, instructions, and support, enhancing the soldier's situational awareness and decision-making capabilities. This remote support system allows for immediate visual guidance, enabling the expert to see what the soldier sees through the camera. The expert can provide real-time instructions, identify potential threats or obstacles, and guide the soldier through complex tasks or operations. This AR-based support enhances communication, increases efficiency, and improves the overall effectiveness of soldiers in the field. It enables faster decision-making, reduces risks, and enhances mission success rates. 


Instant visual guidance

Military training for field equipment operation or servicing provides essential instructions to soldiers on effectively using and maintaining equipment in field conditions. It ensures proper understanding of equipment functionality, safety protocols, and troubleshooting procedures, enhancing operational readiness and efficiency. Additionally, the training focuses on familiarizing soldiers with the specific features and capabilities of the equipment, enabling them to perform tasks such as maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting in the field. By imparting practical knowledge and hands-on experience, this training equips soldiers with the necessary skills to operate and service field equipment effectively, ensuring mission success and operational readiness.


Augmented vision with the support of additional sensors

  • Night vision

  • Thermal vision (infrared)

  • Computer object identification

  • Enhanced or digitally sharpened imagery

  • Digital zoom, rangefinder, GPS, compass

  • Positioning of observed objects (GPS + rangefinder + compass)


Computer-generated equipment training

The training involves simulated combat against virtual enemies placed within a genuine environment, combining the elements of real-world surroundings with virtual opponents for immersive and realistic training experience. The combat training immerses participants in a hybrid environment where they engage in simulated battles with virtual adversaries. This innovative approach blends physical surroundings with virtual elements, enhancing situational awareness and tactical decision-making. The training enables soldiers to practice combat scenarios, refine their skills, and adapt to dynamic and unpredictable situations, preparing them effectively for real-world combat scenarios.

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